Big Brother 12 Premiere July 8, 2010 Live Feed, Recap

The hottest show on summer is set to premiere tonight, July 8, 2010.  Everything is ready, the contestants are already inside the Big Brother House since July 3rd.  Have you already subscribed to the live feeds so that you can see what TV can’t show?

Who is the first HoH?  Who is the first to get nominated for eviction?  Who will be kicked off or voted off first?  For sure, like many Big Brother fans, you also have these in mind.

We’ll this season be a good one than last year?  It could be since a first in the show is having a saboteur, who is in the house to perform a given task, not to win the game.  If you have subscribed to the big Brother 12 live feeds, then you might be lucky as you will get an idea or find out before it is revealed on July 15th, which is the first elimination night.

So, anyway, please do live a comment if you know what’s on-going with the show.  We’ll also try to post Big Brother 12 premiere July 8, 2010 live feed / recap so please bookmark this page.


Chen gives us an introduction of the new season and how the contestants got the key to Big Brother House.  Interview of the contestants, their backgrounds are given and how they said goodbye to their loved ones.

Ragan has a thing for big, dumb guys!

First time the house guests meet.  They are now allowed to speak to each other until they are inside the house.

Britney, Ragan, Brendon and Rachel are the first four to enter the house.  The girls are shouting and hugging as they see their room.

Lane, Annie, Enzo, Kathy and Andrew are the next batch to go inside.

Monet, Hayden, Kristen and Matt are the last batch.  Monet drew past Kathy because she wants to get her own bed first!

Introductions begin, and Monet doesn’t seem to like her Rachel saying she has two watermelons with her.  Meanwhile, Ragan wants to form an alliance with Brendon, we like Ragan!

Kristen likes Hayden, saying he’s cute and her type.

So everyone lies on what they do for a living, trying to get everyone’s sympathy.

Chen greets the house guests, tells them the motto which is “expect the unexpected”.  She tells them that one of them doesn’t want to win, one of them is not there to win the game, and tells them one of them is a rat.  The mission is to sabotage the game.  The saboteur or rat can sabotage an individual or group.  The objective of this rat is to win $50,000 if he or she completes the five tasks given each week, but if he or she is eliminated before completing the tasks, no money is won.

Matt said Kathy qualifies to be a saboteur, could she be the one?

Chen tells them about the first challenge to become the HoH, house guests on the yellow couch will be the yellow team while the on the red couch will be the red team.  One needs to be a mascott but this mascott isn’t eligible to be HoH.

Andrew is the mascott – good news for him, though not a HoH, he escaped the first eviction.

Challenge is to cross the finish line by attaching themselves to the hotdogs.  The winning person will receive $10,000.  The last house guest to cross will be the HoH.

Annie, Monet won the $10,000

Ragan, Kristen $1,000

Britney, Kathy down

After thinking what to do, they decided to hold on to the string which holds the hotdog, but still it was hard for them.

Brendon won $100

Britney hurt her knee after falling.  Adviced by medic to not continue with the challenge, she will be replaced and her team picked Kristen.

Matt and Hayden talked about crossing last.  Hayden wants it to be HoH and Matt said to save him if ever.

Brendon also thinks Kathy is the saboteur.

Hayden is the first HoH of Big Brother 12!  Who’s his target?  He says he’s going to save the saboteur in the first eviction night.  So could it be from yello team?

The lights went off and the contestants smells something fishy.  When the lights go back, someone is missing.  Andrew makes a prank and when the lights go back, he’s missing.  Big Brother tells the supplies are locked inside a room.  The saboteur strikes in.  Everyone suspects it’s either Andrew or Brendon.  Who could it really be?

That’s it.  It’s just the Big Brother 12 Premiere but it’s exciting.  Sunday, July 11th is the nomination.

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