Big Brother 12 Week 1 July 11, 2010 Nominations

The first Big Brother 12 nomination night will be aired on Sunday, July 11, 2010 on CBS.  Who will Hayden, being the Head of Household be nominating for eviction?  Those who subscribed to the live feeds surely know who gets nominated by Hayden.

For those who doesn’t know yet, it appears from the live feed that Hayden nominated Rachel and Brendon for eviction on July 15th.  We kind of didn’t expect Brendon to be nominated, oh well, maybe Hayden thinks Brendon is his competitor.  For Rachel, we kind of expected her to be nominated or might get evicted first.

Meanwhile, for those who will be playing for PoV, it’s Hayden, Rachel, Brendon, Andrew, Monet and Enzo.  Who won the PoV? It’s Brendon.

Those are some of the important details we were able to see from the live feed.  Stay tuned to CBS on Sunday for Big Brother 12 July 11, 2010, Week 1 Nominations night.  We’ll also try to give you live updates on Sunday.


From the live feed, since Brendon won PoV, he saved himself and after much alliances and backstabbing, Annie is nominated. Thus, the nominated this week are Rachel and Annie.

Based from the what we have seen, Annie will most probably be the first to get voted off if ever.

7:38 – The results of the nomination will be confirmed in a few minutes.

Show starts:

8:02 – The show starts and recaps of the first episode are seen.  After that, we saw Andrew and Enzo whispering on who the saboteur might be.  After a few minutes, the first showmance has started is shown and it’s between Brendon and Rachel while Annie watch the two.

Annie wants to talk to someone and she though of Regan.  Annie asking to talk to Ragan about something “personal”, telling him she’s a bisexual.

Rachel and Brendon in the pool continuing the showmance and Hayden saw them.

Power of Veto competition starts where the contestants got into the popcorn and caramel literally.  Matt leads the Blue team with first point. Green takes the lead after having three points.  Pink team tied the team getting two.  After the game, Green team won.  Matt is doubting Kathy thinking she’s the saboteur.  After the game Green goes to the Have room, Blue team goes the Have/Not room

The saboteur struck.  Andrew goes to eat in the dining and saw Kathy’s and Britney’s photos have an “X” so he went to ask Hayden about it.  Afterwards, the house guests received a message that two among them are life long friends and have alliance.

It’s nomination and that’s were Brendon and Rachel didn’t get a key, therefore they are nominated.

Stay tuned for Big Brother 12 July 15, 2010 First Eviction Night!

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