Big Brother 12 Week 2 July 18, 2010 Nominations 7/18/10

Two of the House Guests are in danger of being evicted next.  With Rachel as the HoH, who do you think will she nominate on on Big Brother 12 Week 2 Nominations on July 18, 2010?

The second week of Big Brother 12 nominations was this Friday but it will be aired on Sunday, 7/18/10 on CBS.  Do you have a guess who the nominees for eviction are?

From the live feed, Rachel plans on nominating Britney and Monet.  She tells Brendon about that and asks for Brendon’s suggestion, to which the guy says it might have been Enzo.  Meanwhile, Britney and Monet are upset since they know they are Rachel’s target.  Well Rachel really wants Monet to go but if the girl gets PoV, then it should be Britney.

Will these two get nominated for eviction on Thursday?  We’ll find out on Sunday night.  Also, the saboteur will be revealed to the House Guests.  What we don’t know is if it would be revealed before or after nominations.  Anyway, the results will be here on this blog as always.  Please bookmark this page for Big Brother July 18, 2010 Week 2 nominations episode.


Britney and Monet got nominated but during the PoV, Britney won!  Of course, she is going to save herself so who will be the replacement nominee?

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