Big Brother 12 Week 3 Nominations July 25, 2010 7/25/10

Matt is the new HoH after winning the endurance test last July 22nd.  Want to find out who was nominated by Matt on Big Brother 12 Week 3 nominations? The results will be revealed on July 25, 2010 on CBS but for those who watch the live feeds already know who got nominated on Big Brother 12 Week 3 7/25/10.

Want to find out who the two hamsters are?  They are none other than Kathy and Andrew.  Matt and Ragan already talked about this while they were the only two left on the endurance test.  Matt also told the other hamsters that he plans on putting Kathy and Andrew with Kathy as the target.

Things might change again after the PoV competition and since Matt plans to backdoor Brendon, he might replace either of the two nominees after the PoV ceremony.

As always, updates will be posted here whatever the results of the PoV is.  Watch Big Brother 12 Week 3 July 25, 2010 nominations to find out how it went and what the reactions of the House Guests are.

Updates: Brendon won PoV!

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