Big Brother 12 Week 5 Nominations to air August 8, 2010 8/8/10

It’s Matt’s turn again to be the HoH on the 5th week of Big Brother 12. Guess who did he put on the block this time? It’s Rachel and Brendon, as expected and the viewers will be able to watch it on August 8, 2010. That and more will be seen on Sunday night on Big Brother 8/8/10 episode.

Aside from the nominations, Matt has opened the Pandora’s Box and he told the house guests he only got $1. Well, is he telling the truth? We’ll find out on Sunday as well. Since the Pandora’s Box has been opened, Ragan will be offered to be the next Saboteur, will he accept it? Who will be the winner of the PoV?

It will be an exciting week as a lot of things are surely going to happen inside the house. Please bookmark this page for more updates inside the BB house.

Update: PoV winner is Britney! Will she use it? She said she won’t and asked Rachel and Brendon not to approach her about it.

The saboteur is back! Ragan has accepted!

About the Pandora box, Matt got the Diamond PoV, which can be used either this week of next week. He can also get to pick the replacement nominee.

3 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Week 5 Nominations to air August 8, 2010 8/8/10

  1. Why not post update about POV winner since we know who won? Is it just me or do they need to get more alcohol & play flip cup again? That was the best TV ever! I luv ur website, thanx

  2. You are welcome! Maybe add what about the deal thatatt got for opening pandora’s box. If they missed the show they want to know. I know I only go to this site for updates, it’s great!! Thanks for keeping me up to date. Atleast I know someone is as obsessed as I am.

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