Big Brother 12 Week 6 Nominations Spoilers August 15, 2010 8/15/10

Things turned out to be exciting each week on Big Brother 12. What’s exciting this week is that Brendon won HoH after untangling the ropes and pressing the buttonĀ first during the endurance competition. I would have thought that he’s going to nominate Britney and Ragan which will be shown on August 15, 2010. But guess who did he nominated? It’s Ragan and Lane! These are some of the things we will be watching on CBS on Big Brother 12 8/15/10 episode.

Before nominating Ragan and Lane, Brendon thought of nominating Britney instead of Ragan. What happened then? Most likely Britney’s plea to Brendon saved herself.

Now, what will the Brigade do about this? With Matt holding the diamond Power of Veto, will he save either of the nominees? If ever, who will he save? If he save Ragan, then the Brigade will surely go after him next week if he gets nominated. If he saves Lane, Ragan might be evicted, which makes another saboteur voted out, huh?

Who will be Brendon put on the block if ever the PoV is used? Who will be the replacement nominee? For sure, it won’t be Enzo or Hayden. Could it be Britney?

Stay tuned for more updates here. The PoV winner and other exciting happenings inside the house will be posted here.

Have Nots: Matt, Britney, Ragan

Nominees: Ragan and Lane

PoV Winner: Ragan – who will be the replacement nominee?

Rachel goes back to the house for 24 hours just to visit.

Brendon might have opened another Pandora’s box

Nominees after the PoV ceremony: Matt and Ragan

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  1. Show the episode that was to go on at 7:00. This sucks. We want to see the show. My husband is a die hard golfer,but is really mad. Put the show on

  2. yeah that’s not even fair because i can home early tonight and we got screwed we are all faithful viewers of big brother and this is lame production please go ahead and send the episode via email to us or just play it already.

  3. you guys are so wrong for this this big brother stuff is serious its all the way to like the jury house how does this happen dude play the episode already don’t cheat us, besides you air every competition after the actually happen and when we watch showtime 2 at 12:00a.m. we know before we even see what happens so why not play what you already spoiled,thanks.

  4. What gives dvr’d BB tonight and only got 30 minutes because 60 minutes took the first half hour, did it change it’s name to 90 minutes and didn’t tell any one. I want to see tonights episode (8/15/10) in full. I am a BB die hard fan. Come on do something so we can see it!

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