Big Brother 12 Week 8 Nominations August 29 2010 8/29/10

It’s another nomination night this Sunday on Big Brother 12 week 8 airing August 29, 2010. Two of the final five is nominated with the new HoH Lane. Who did he nominate for eviction this Thursday? Honestly, I was just forcing myself to write who gets nominated on Big Brother 8/29/10 after Matt and Brendon was sent to the jury house last time.

Anyway, Ragan and Ezno were put on the block. Most likely, Enzo is the pawn while Ragan is the target. Ragan has to win the PoV competition to stay again for another week, but unfortunately, Enzo won the PoV. For sure, he’s going to use it this Monday, so who will Lane put as the replacement nominee? Will it be Britney, or Hayden?

That’s it, Big Brother 12 week 8 nominations will be this August 29, 2010 on CBS while the Veto competition and ceremony will be this Wednesday night.

More updates will be posted here on who gets to be the replacement nominee.

Nominated before PoV – Ragan and Enzo;

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