Big Brother 12 Week 9 Nominations September 5 2010 9/5/10

Hayden is the HoH on Big Brother 12 week 9 after winning the last competition in which they decorated a Christmas tree. Airing September 5, 2010 which is tonight, who did he nominated? Since only four of them remain, one is safe while the other two is on the block. The one safe is Enzo while Britney and Lane were nominated on Big Brother 9/5/10 episode.

Not only is Hayden the current HoH, but he also won the PoV, which will be aired on Wednesday. For sure, he isn’t going to use it so not much is going to happen this week. What’s interesting this week is that the Brigade is finally out. Lane and Enzo have told Britney about it. Was Britney shocked? Not much.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight on Big Brother September 5, 2010. Stay tuned for more updates later on.

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