Big Brother 13 August 14, 2011 Nominations 8/14/11

Big Brother August 14, 2011, week 6 nominations night with Daniele as the HoH. Will viewers be surprised tonight on who will she put on the block? Does history repeat itself? Those who doesn’t know who are on the block, it will be shown tonight on CBS. But we also have here who these house guests are. Here are the ones who get nominated on BB 13 8/14/11 results.

Daniele puts Adam and Shelly as the nominees. We were sure in the live feeds before the ceremony pushes through that she will have Rachel & Brendon nominated, but she changed her mind after having a deal of her being safe next week if Brenchel wins HoH.

The plan is to backdoor Brendon and it might as it might happen since Adam won the PoV. So, who will she have as replacement? That’s the question now. But for tonight, get to see first the┬áBig Brother August 14, 2011 nomination results. Opinions?


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  2. Thanks for the info.
    Cristine before throwing someone under the bus about grammar you should check your grammar as well. To be grammatically correct it should read:
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