Big Brother 13 August 17, 2011 PoV Competition 8/17/11

Big Brother August 17, 2011 is the week 6 PoV competition results and ceremony which will be shown on CBS Wednesday night. Who gets to compete, who wins and will the Veto be used? Find out on tonight’s episode of Big Brother 8/17/11 PoV results.

Daniele won a PoV ticket which lets her play whenever she wants. We aren’t sure if she used it but we think she didn’t since she’s one of the players among with Adam, Shelly, Kalia, Jeff and Jordan. Porsche hosted again. The result? Adam won the PoV and as expected, he used it to save himself. Who’s the replacement nominee? It’s Brendon. History repeats itself, will Brendon be the one to leave again?

There’s still some time for Brenchel to get the votes, but we’ll never know what will happen. Anyway, that’s it for the PoV ceremony week 6.

One thought on “Big Brother 13 August 17, 2011 PoV Competition 8/17/11

  1. I will be so glaad if Brendon goes home… out of all houseguests since big brother started, I’ve hated espiecially Rachel but Brendon as well

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