Big Brother 13 August 24, 2011 PoV Competition 8/24/11

Big Brother August 24, 2011 PoV competition week 7 airs tonight. Will there be some hope for either Kalia and Porsche at the Veto competition? Well, that’s not bound to happen as Jeff wins the PoV competition which will be aired on Big Brother 8/24/11 results episode.

Everyone but Rachel played. She played as host. If you thought Daniele will be safe this week, she’s not. She’s the replacement nominee after Jeff took Porsche off the block. This doesn’t sound good for Daniele, doesn’t it? But Shelly is working to flip the votes. She has been talking to Porsche and Adam to keep Daniele. It’s an interesting week since we don’t know yet who has the bigger chance of staying.

Anyway, see what happened in Big Brother PoV competition and ceremony for week 7 tonight.

5 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 August 24, 2011 PoV Competition 8/24/11

  1. I’m confused. Dani has the POV ticket so why is she concerned about being a replacement nominee? Can’t she just take herself off the block?

    • @Lori, the PoV ticket is for Dani to be able to participate if she wasn’t chosen to play. She used her PoV ticket in order to participate in the PoV competition.

  2. The funniest thing will be the look on Brendon’s face if Daniele walks through the door at the sequester house. It’s funny how fast the shoe goes on the other foot.

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