Big Brother 13 August 28, 2011 Nominations 8/28/11

Big Brother August 28, 2011, week 8 is another nominations night. The past week has been very exciting, with everything happened fast, Daniele sent to the jury house, Kalia winning the HoH, Porsche winning the Veto, Jeff joining Daniele and Brendon in the jury house and Porsche as the current the HoH. Who did she put on the block? Who get nominated on BB 13 8/28/11 results?

As expected, Rachel and Jordan are nominated. The newbies are in control? But wait! There’s a twist which makes the game more exciting. There’s a Pandora’s box. The box contains $5,000 and Porsche took it. Also, the duo rules apply. Duos will be nominated by pair and if the PoV is used, they will be removed from being nominees.

That exciting part is, Rachel won the PoV! Of course she’ll use it so she and Jordan are safe. Who will be their replacement?

We’ll find out soon, most probably on Monday. But for tonight, its Big Brother August 28, 2011 nomination results.


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