Big Brother 13 August 3, 2011 PoV Competition 8/3/11

Big Brother August 3, 2011 power of veto competition and results tonight. Want to know what happened and did Daniele do? Will one between Brendon and Rachel be safe? Who wins PoV in Big Brother 8/3/11 tonight?

The players are Daniele, Brendon, Rachel, Adam, Porsche and Jeff. Lawon was the host. Brendon won and it’s no surprise he used it, not to save himself, but to save Rachel during the PoV ceremony. Daniele was upset at first but there’s no reason to be as Brendon is still a nominee after he used the veto to save Rachel. The replacement nominee is Jordan. What will Brenchel do to keep them inside the house together? Jordan is liked by everyone so there’s no way she will go.

Anyway, that’s it for the show tonight in Big Brother week 4 PoV Ceremony.


One thought on “Big Brother 13 August 3, 2011 PoV Competition 8/3/11

  1. daniel made a huge mystake putting up jordan weather or not shes the target they will still see as a personal attack… sorry dani i think she sealed her fate with that move!!

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