Big Brother 13 July 10, 2011 Nominations 7/10/11

It’s Big Brother 13 week 1 nomination night tonight, July 10, 2011 airing on CBS. Who will Rachel, the first HoH nominate for eviction? If you have subscribed to the live feeds, then you already know who she put on the block. If not, then check out who will it be later tonight on BB 13 7/10/11 nominations results. We also have some spoilers so check it out too.

Rachel nominated Keith and Porsche. Is it surprising? However, that’s not the biggest surprise this season. The biggest news is Evel Dick leaving the show. Yup, if you haven’t known yet, he has left the show for personal reasons. He also squashed out rumors about him. According to him, he’s not in jail, he don’t have cancer, and his mother and son are not in the hospital and he wasn’t kicked out of the show. His public statement will be released in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, other news will be who gets to win the PoV competition. We’ll post more spoilers on this site as well.

So there, that’s about it on Big Brother 13 July 10, 211 nominations night. We’ll give updates as well on what’s happening in the show on CBS.

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