Big Brother 13 July 17, 2011 Nominations 7/17/11

Big Brother 13 week 2 nomination night July 17, 2011 will be shown where Jordan nominates two house guests. If you don’t know who she’s going to nominated for eviction, then you will find out tonight. Continue reading as well of you want to know it now before it airs on BB 13 7/17/11 on CBS.

So, what’s the nomination results? Jordan puts Adam and Dominic on the block with Dominic as the target. But since the duo won the PoV competition, they are going to use it. The veterans are then planning to put Cassi and Shelly with Cassi as the target. However, will Adam and Dominic use the Veto? The veterans are convincing Adam he’s safe if he refused to use it. If he refuses, Veto can’t be used. Will he refuse?

Anyway, check out the Big Brother 13 July 17, 211 nominations result tonight and see your favorite house guests as well.




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