Big Brother 13 July 24, 2011 Nominations 7/24/11

It’s Big Brother 13 week 3 nomination night tonight, July 24, 2011. Rachel is once again the HoH. Who did she get nominated? It won’t be a surprise on which duo will it be. We all know who they are rooting for next to leave the house. We’ll just have to watch tonight to confirm who gets nominated on BB 13 7/24/11.

The duo who will be put on the block is Adam and Dominic again. The one we aren’t sure though is who will be the target. Who does the vets trust the most? Is it Adam or Dominic? Anyway, as another updates on Big Brother is about the PoV competition which will be shown on Wednesday. Rachel & Brendon won the Veto competition again. They played with Jordan & Jeff and the nominated duo but won. We couldn’t expect them to use it so either of the duo on the block is going home. The question is… who?

But for tonight, check out the Big Brother 13 July 24, 211 nominations results. Does the show gets boring as it’s always the vets who’s winning the competitions? What’s your thoughts?




2 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 July 24, 2011 Nominations 7/24/11

  1. I don’t think it get’s boring.. It’s just the beginning.. I however like Rachel, but she can get a little carried away sometimes.. That attitude will probably get her kicked out sooner rather than later, but she’ll learn the hard way..

  2. no. rachel sucks. seriously, who nominates someone in their own alliance beacause their a pawn??? (a.k.a, rachel nominated dominic) i really don’t like rachlel

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