Big Brother 13 July 31, 2011 Nominations 7/31/11

Summer has definitely become more interesting inside the Big Brother House. Tonight in Big Brother week 4 July 31, 2011 nomination night, viewers get to see who Daniele puts on the block tonight. Is it that obvious already? Who gets nominated on BB 13 7/31/11?

Those who are following the live feeds knew that it’s Rachel and Brendon. Dani wants Brendon out which will put Rachel into depression. But, as another spoilers, Brendon won the PoV. It’s either he will use it thinking he might save Rachel, or won’t use it. What do you think? If ever he’ll use it, who will Dani put as replacement? It will be either Jeff or Jordan. Pretty exciting don’t you think?

That’s about it for tonight in Big Brother July 31, 2011 nomination results. Any opinions?


6 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 July 31, 2011 Nominations 7/31/11

  1. I was thinking Brendon might use the POV to save Rachel because he has a better chance of not being voted out. If I were Dani I’d put up one of the newbies who haven’t caused any grief in the house – maybe Lawon, Shelly, Porsche or Adam – and then Brendon would have a better chance of being evicted. My intent would be to split up Rachel and Brendon – not Jeff and Jordan at this point.

  2. If Brendon is as smart as he thinks he is, he will save Rachel because he can’t get as far as she can. He has absolutely no endurance and always drops out of comps very early. If Dani really wants to split them up, then she should put up a newbie. I would keep Jeff and Jordan thus far as I think their word is more solid than Brendon’s and Rachel’s.

  3. I agree. Rachel has won two HOH cometitions. The woman is psycho but she’s a much better competitor than “her man”.

  4. Dani should replace whom ever is taken off the block with one of the opposite couples partner. That way the couples will compete against each other for votes and thereby cause discord in the house. I suspect the discord will lead to trouble between the Rachel and Brendon and Jeff and Jordon as each seeks votes for their partner. Dani shouldn’t believe anything either couple says. It is important that one of each couple be gotten out of the house as soon as possible for any real game plan to develop that gives the newbies a chance to win. I think Dani made a wise move, but even wiser would have been putting Jeff up against Rachel and letting the two couples all fight it out. Hopefully Rachel will leave and then a one of the the couple will follow. I’m not too sure about the ability of Adam, Lawon, or Kalia to win any contest. Maybe if it isn’t physical, but otherwise, no.

  5. I have hated Racheal since I 1ST saw her. I really want the crying loud mouth out. Brendon is just stupid. I really liked Jeff and Jordan, but when they brought Racheal and Brendon in to there little 4 sum I was mad. Then Dominic left. I loved him! If I was Dani I would be jumping all over him after the show. I would love to be on,Big Brother and watch all of them leave. If I was Brendon I would use it to save him self. With Racheal in there it will cause a Target on his back more. They won’t win. Go Dani! I hope she wins it all!

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