Big Brother 13 Premiere July 7, 2011 Live Feed, Recap 7/7/11

Big Brother 13 premieres tonight, July 7, 2011. It’s summer and it sure is getting hotter as we see the latest season of Big Brother. Are you excited for it like we are? What’s the twists this season? Who are the contestants? The house guests will be shown tonight in Big Brother 7/7/11 and updates will be here.

Big Brother 13 Contestants:

– Adam Poch

– Cassi Colvin

– Dominic Briones

– Kalia Brooker

– Keith Henderson

– Lawon Exum

– Porsche Briggs

– Shelly Moore

Part of the twist is the selection of former HouseGuests dubbed as “Dynamic Duos” where viewers get to vote among the six pairs, where a pair get to re-enter the House. Including in the six pairs are Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendon and Hayden & Enzo. Jeff & Jordan are in the lead so they are going to be back for sure. Who else will be in?

Who is the first HoH and who will be the first to get nominated for eviction? Who will be voted off first?

Anyway, we’ll post live updates as much as we can. Please also do leave a comment if you know what’s the latest with the show.  Big Brother 13 premiere July 7, 2011 live feed / recap will be provided.


Porsche, Dominic, Lawon, Shelly the first to enter the house

Cassi, Kalia, Keith, Adam, second batch to enter

There are only 12 place settings, but three pairs will enter, so where’s the two settings?

First twist revealed – they will be partnering the game with someone in the room. They get to choose but if they get to win HoH, but nominating one duo, forcing them to campaign against each other to stay in the game.

Keith & Porsche

Dominic & Adam

Kalia & Lawon

Cassi & Shelly

Rachel & Brendon went in – the house guests don’t like them

Jeff & Jordan went in

Evil Dick & Dani went in

First HoH competition

Rachel – wins HoH

Another twist – there’s a golden key and dynamic duos have to find new partners

holder of golden key – gets a spot in top 10 but gets to vote.

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