Big Brother 14 August 1, 2012 PoV Competition 8/1/12

It’s Big Brother 14 PoV competition and results show tonight on CBS. We all know that Shane is the HoH for this week and he surprised the other house guests as he nominated Ashley and Joe while they were expecting him to put Frank on the block. Are you surprised as well with his decision?

The coaches competition also happened and Janelle won giving Wil immunity. That’s the reason why Shane’s plans changed, that instead of nominating Frank and Wil, he nominated Ashley and Joe. One of the nominees have a chance to be put off the block and be replaced by another house guest depending on who the Veto winner is. Guess who wins the PoV competition for the third time? It’s Shane. He has a complete control of what will happen inside the house right now.

Those who participated in the PoV competition are Shane, Ashley, Joe, Danielle, Frank and Wil. Jenn was the host. Among them, Shane won the Veto once again. Did he replace either Ashley or Joe as the nominee?

Shane replaced Ashley with Frank. He had initially planned to put Frank on the block so I guess he did the right thing. But what will the house guests do?

Expect more drama as the nominees try to get the team’s votes. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the latest on Big Brother 14. What do you think of the Big Brother 14 week 3 PoV competition and results which will be aired tonight, 8/1/12? Did Shane do the right thing?


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