Big Brother 14 July 15, 2012 Nominations 7/15/12

The first Big Brother 14 nomination night has happened and it will be shown tonight at 8pm ET on CBS. As we all know, the house guests are divided into four groups, with each of the four returning house guests choosing their teammates. Britney chose JoJo, Willie and Shane. Janelle chose Ashley, Joe and Wil. Mike “Boogie” chose Frank, Ian and Jenn and Dan chose Jodi, Kara and Danielle.

The first team competition happened during the season premiere where Britney’s team winning and Dan’s team losing. As the result of being the last team to complete the challenge, Dan had to choose which one from his team will leave and he selected Jodi. Meanwhile, Britney’s team won and she chose Willie as the HoH.

Being the HoH, Willie had to nominate two of the house guest and as spoilers, he chose Kara and Frank as the nominees. If you have been watching the live feed, you would have seen some sort of a coaches competition in which Boogie won. He won the ability to keep one of his teammates safe and chose Ian instead of Frank. Meanwhile, Willie wants to keep the strong players to keep the attention from him so he wants Kara out and Frank safe.

The Have Nots for the week are Ian, Ashley and Danielle, by the way.

The PoV competition also happened but that part will surely be aired on Wednesday so for now, I’ll just talk about the nominations.

That’s about it on Big Brother 14 July 15, 2012 nominations night. I’ll post other highlights of the show tonight. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the latest updates on Big Brother. Who do you like on the show so far?


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