Big Brother 14 July 18, 2012 PoV Competition 7/18/12

The first Big Brother 14 veto competition and ceremony will be aired tonight, at 8pm ET on CBS. Those who have subscribed to the live feeds already know what happened, who the PoV competition winner is and whether he or she has used the veto or not. Are you happy with the outcome?

For those who don’t have the live feeds, here’s what happened. The veto players were Shane, Willie, Wil, Frank, Kara and Danielle. JoJo hosted the PoV competition. Who’s the PoV competition winner? It’s Shane and during the veto ceremony, he didn’t use it. Thus, Frank and Kara remain as nominees.

It’s only the first week in the Big Brother house and it has been a crazy days as alliances, fights, house meetings and revolution happen. Based from what’s happening inside the house, I’m not sure who will be going home Thursday night.

Anyway, much has been going on and one of the dramas that happened is about Frank and Willie having a fight after Frank spread lies that Willie mocked Wil for being gay. When Wil found out about it, he told Britney about it so Britney confronted Willie about it. Willie, of course denied it and confronted Frank in the backyard and yes, Willie didn’t actually did that to Wil. Another highlight this week is the house meeting of the newbies. Britney told Willie her theory that they might come in to the game and Willie told the other house guests about it. I’m not sure if CBS will be airing these dramas tonight or tomorrow.

Going back to the power of veto competition episode tonight, do you think it’s wise that Shane didn’t use the PoV?

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