Big Brother 14 July 22, 2012 Nominations 7/22/12

It’s the second nominations episode tonight on Big Brother 14. Last Thursday, we found out that the winner of the HoH competition was Frank. Who did he put up as the nominees for eviction on Thursday? Those who are watching the live feeds have already known who these people are. But again, CBS will also air this part tonight.

Much has been happening inside the house and for these past three days, not only the nomination and PoV competition has happened. I’m not sure what will be aired tonight aside from the nominations though.

Anyway, Frank has nominated JoJo and Shane on the block. Both are from Britney’s team. Thus, one of them will be going home on Thursday night. Also, they are the Have Nots for the week, including Ian. Janelle won the coach’s competition and put Team Britney on the Have Nots.

That’s the usual events inside the house, in which the HoH must nominate two house guest for eviction. But I think those who are not following the live feeds will be surprised that Willie Hantz is gone from the House. Willie chest-bumped and head-butted Joe. He was called to the diary room before Executive Producer Allison Grodner announced that he won’t be coming back.

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