Big Brother 14 July 25, 2012 PoV Competition 7/25/12

The second Big Brother 14 nominations and veto competition/ceremony will be shown tonight. The nomination wasn’t aired last Sunday night since the show aired what happened to Willie inside the house, why he was removed from the game. Do you think it’s fair the he was evicted? Do you really think he butt-headed Joe? Is it just a drama that Willie will be returning again in the next few weeks?

Anyway, aside from the nomination, the PoV competition and ceremony will be aired as scheduled. Frank, being the HoH, nominated Shane and JoJo for eviction. However, Shane won the PoV so we’re sure he’s going to save himself. Those who played were Frank, Shane, Ashley, JoJo, Wil and Ian with Joe as the host.

Who’s the replacement nominee then? As a backup plan, Frank nominated Danielle replacing Shane. Thus, the nominees now are Danielle and JoJo. Frank told Danielle that she will be nominated and understands that she’s being targeted because of her association with Dan, but Frank said she’s not going home though. Also, before the veto ceremony, there are talks that Wil can be the replacement nominee but that didn’t happen. Did Frank make the right move of putting Danielle on the block instead of Wil?

Alliances are being made. Frank and Shane talked about working together while Ashley, Shane, JoJo are planning to bring Ian in on their alliance. Which alliances will last?

This week is pretty calm compared to last week. Well, except from the Willie drama. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook for the latest on Big Brother 14. Highlights on the Big Brother 7/25/12 PoV competition and ceremony will be provided here when available. What do you think of the latest happening inside the house?


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