Big Brother 14 Premiere July 12, 2012 Recap 7/12/12

Big Brother is back tonight with a new season! Are you excited for the show tonight? Like in the previous season, there are twists and returning house guests. Who do you think will be back for the new season?

The more interesting to find out is who the returning house guests are, of course. There have been many speculations on who they are which includes Rachel Reilly and Jeff Schroeder again. But I’m sure many of you will either like or hate when you see them on the show tonight. CBS says that four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game, for their own separate prize. Their mission will be revealed during the season premiere. So who are these players?

The live feeds leaked out who these house guests are and they are Janelle Pierzina (BB 6 and BB All Stars), Britney Hayes (BB 12), Mike “Boogie” Malin (BB 2 and BB All Stars) and Dan Gheesling (BB 10). Find out who they are, what can you say?

Anyway, here are the Big Brother 14 Cast –

Ashley Iocco – 26 – Entrepreneur
Danielle Murphree – 23 Nurse
Frank Eudy – 28 – Unemployed
Ian Terry – 21 – Engineering Student
Jenn Arroyo – 37 – Musician
Jodi Rollins – 42 – Restaurant Waitress
Joe Arvin – 41 – Chef
JoJo Spatafora – 26 – Bartender
Kara Monaco – 29 – Model
Shane Meaney – 26 – House Flipper
Wil Heuser – 24 – Marketing
Willie Hantz – 34 – Tankerman

Who among these players will be interesting this season? Who will the fans love and who will the fans hate? Who will be alliances? Who’s the first HoH, the first Have Nots, the first nominees and the first PoV winner?

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Julie Chen announces that 4 of the most popular house guests are back to be a coach. First, it’s time to meet the new house guests. An introduction is given to each contestant and their backgrounds. After showing a bit of them, it’s time to show them out. They were asked to take a good look around them. The person behind them might stab them at the back while those in front of them might be their alliance. The first group get inside. Wil thinks Frank and I will become good friends. The second group followed. The last group got inside while everyone gets settled.

The house guests introduce each other. Wil is so pretty! Danielle tells them she’s a kindergarten teacher, wants them to think she’s naive. After the introduction, the house guests had a toast while they still like each other.

The twist is about to be revealed. The four returning house guests were shown – Dan, Janelle, Britney and Mike “Boogie”. Each coach will pick house guests will guide all summer long. The coach wins $100,000 if the house guest he/she is coach wins the game.

Willie doesn’t want to know he is Russel Hantz’s brother. He denied he is and tell’s Russel is from up north but Dan isn’t convinced. Everyone think he is Russel’s brother and think he’s going to try and play like him.

It’s time to pick. Britney pics first.

Britney – Shane, Willie, JoJo,

Mike “Boogie” – Frank, Ian

Janelle – Wil, Ashley, Joe

Dan – Kara, Danielle, Jodi

First HoH competition… the players will be playing in team. The coach of the winning team decides who is the HoH in her team. The coach of the losing team decides who goes home first.

Task – get three bears. If they fall of the bed, they must go back and start again. The first team to get all three wins.

Winning team – Britney’s team.

Losing team – Dan’s team. One from his team goes home.

Britney picks the first HoH – it’s Willie!

Dan’s decision is to send Jodi home…


8 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Premiere July 12, 2012 Recap 7/12/12

  1. Thats ashame, the only African American cast member of BB was the 1st to be sent home. In all 14 Seasons of Big Brother not 1 African American has ever on the show…smh. Well the beat goes on….

    • Er, ah…read my comment more closely. I said “not 1 African American has ever won Big Brother.” That is a Fact.

      Now there have been plenty of African American contestants…But not one winner of the BB show out of the lot of them…smh…..

  2. I just soooooo glad that Rachel, Brendan, Jordan, & Jeff did not return to the BB show this year!

    I have to admit tho, I was hoping for Ragan or Reny to return this season….Boogie is so tired, and Dan is way too low key for me…imho.

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