Big Brother 15 June 30, 2013 Nominations 6/30/13

It’s only the first week of Big Brother and it seems that a lot has happened already. For those who have been watching the live feeds, for sure, you are up-to-date on the latest news inside the Big Brother house. But for tonight, we’ll find out who are the nominees. Airing from 8pm ET on CBS, the first Big Brother 15 nomination night will be aired.

There were 16 house guests who entered inside the house and two of them are already in danger of leaving on Thursday. Want to find out who are the nominees?

Those who are in the live feeds know that the nominees are Candice and Jessie. McCrae won the first HoH competition and he nominated these two ladies. However, another one of the house guests is eligible to nominated another house guest. The one who’s selected as the MVP for the week may select the third nominee. Guess who’s the first MVP? It’s Elissa!

If McCrae has the plans to backdoor her, well, it surely changed his plan and might want to work with her now on who’s the target. Elissa might have wanted to put Aaryn on the block because of their catfight but with McCrae’s suggestion to put up David, she followed him and thus, David is the third nominee.

The PoV competition already happened and will be shown on Wednesday. It will truly make the season exciting when the replacement nominee is revealed.

By the way the Have Nots for the week are Andy, Elissa, Helen, Howard and Judd.

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