Big Brother 16 Premiere June 25, 2014 Recap 6/25/14

The much awaited CBS reality show is back this summer with a new season! Yep! Big Brother 16 premieres tonight! This is the earliest premiere date of Big Brother. Are you excited for the new season? It’s going to be a two-season premiere night, by the way, airing Wednesday (8-9pm ET) and Thursday (9-10pm ET).

CBS announced that this is the most twisted season of Big Brother, with eight new houseguests introduced tonight and tomorrow. What could be the “twist” and new competitions?

The first twist is that two houseguests will win the Head of Household each week and they will nominate two fellow houseguests for eviction. However, being HoH doesn’t mean that they are safe in the game for the week.

The second twist will allow fans to significantly influence the game from home with a new interactive element called “Team America”. Check out and you can vote which of the new houseguest you would like to have an alliance with.

So there, be sure to tune in tonight on Big Brother 16’s season premiere! Find out how the houseguests will fare on their first HoH competition.

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The first 8 houseguests are:

– Paola – DJ

– Joey – makeup artist

– Donny – school groundskeeper

– Cody – professional soccer player

– Frankie – brother of Ariana Grande

– Amber –

– Nicole

– Devin – former pro baseball player


First HoH

– players put on their swimsuits and head to the backyard. They were standing on a rolling barrel and holding a kite string. The last one standing with the first HoH! An endurance once at the first episode.

– Amber and Frankie were the last ones standing, but when Julie said being HoH is not safe, Amber throws it.

Winner – Frankie


Twist – America gets to vote for who we would want to be alliance. It will be a three-person alliance and the results will be revealed after two weeks.


Premiere continues tomorrow…


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