Big Brother 16 Premiere June 26, 2014 Recap 6/26/14

The second part of Big Brother 16’s season premiere continues tonight. YEsterday, it aired from 8pm to 9pm but for tonight, it will be from 9pm to 10pm.

We all saw the first batch of players who went inside the house and did their first challenge. The first HoH this season is Frankie.

Tonight, the second batch of players will be going inside the house and will complete for their own Head of Household. Who will be the second HoH? The houseguests were informed last night that being HoH doesn’t mean safety.

With the other twist we found out, in which viewers can get to vote for the 3-players alliance, who will be these three players? Frankie, being Ariana Grande’s brother, could be the one. Do you agree?

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