Big Brother 2010 Winner, Season 12 Finale September 15, 2010

The winner of Big Brother 12 finale will be decided by the jury. Who among Hayden, Lane and Enzo will be in the final two that the jury will decide who to vote for to win Big Brother 2010? We’ll find out tonight, 9/15/10.

We admit that we actually lost interest after Ragan, Matt, Britney and Brendon was voted off and that the three of the Brigade members were left. They actually know how to manipulate the game so they are not necessarilyl the weaklings even if they haven’t won any HoH competition during the first few weeks.

Anyway, who would you think will the jury vote to win? We are thinking it would be Hayden. What do you think?

Please stay tuned on this exciting evening as lots of reality finale airs. Find out here the Big Brother 2010 winner.


Hayden vs Lane at the final HoH competition

Hayden won the HoH and is one of the final two.

Hayden picked Lane. Enzo was the last one to be evicted.

The final two are being interviewed by the jury members.

Voting time by the jury

Andrew, Monet, Kristen and Annie show up

Ragan revealed as the second saboteur

America’s Favorite Houseguest is Britney – She won $25,000.

Hayden wins Big Brother 12!

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