Biggest Loser April 12, 2011 Results Who got voted off 4/12/11

The contestants in Biggest Loser April 12, 2011 will be having an unforgettable adventure in their lives. The show goes out of the country tonight. Will someone be sent home while in an adventure? Who get voted out of Biggest Loser 4/12/11 results?

The nine remaining contestants go to New Zealand for an adventure of a lifetime. They are going to visit Sky Harbor which is a popular tourist attraction. There are 51 flights of stairs to climb and when at the top, they go sky-jumping.

The challenge will be a 5K run New Zealand style where the winning team to get a helicopter ride to Waiheke Island. Later on, the contestants are brought to the Auckland Fish Market by the trainers to talk about eating healthy while abroad. Jillian will have a lively lobster encounter by the way.

They are going to sail around Auckland Harbor as well where and one player with a special connection to New Zealand gets a very generous gift.

Will there be elimination tonight? Find it out here if there will be one who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 4/12/11 results.

Update: Moses Kinikini was voted off and eliminated;

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