Biggest Loser April 17, 2012 Results Who got voted off 4/17/12

Something will happen in the competition on the Biggest Loser tonight on its April 17, 2012 episode. There were rumors that there was a walkout protest, the story that made the headlines. The 5 remaining players will walk off the show. Will they come back if that really happens? Will someone be sent home? If so, who will get eliminated on Biggest Loser week 16?

We are going to witness tonight the incident that shut down production. A surprising turn of events will shake up the competition. What part of the show tonight could it be? If they will come back, what will cause them to return?

Meanwhile, the challenge for tonight is a rough and wild short version of a “Tough Mudder” competition. They will be doing it with past season winners John Rhode, Olivia Ward and Patrick House. Also, at stake for tonight is a Ford Escape SUV. The players will get motivated by this prize for sure and the one who gets the highest percentage of weight loss at the weigh-in will win this SUV.

It’s also a trip down memory lane with the players as they watch video journeys of how far they’ve really come from their first day at the ranch. They are going to watch it with Dolvett and Bob.

With only an hour episode, until what part of the show do you think will be aired tonight?

Anyway, updates will be posted here. In the meantime, while waiting for it, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us onΒ Facebook. Again, no one will be eliminated on Biggest Loser 4/17/12 because of its shorted air-time, but the results of what happen during the show will be here.

Update: Jeremy was eliminated, falling below the red line.

Sorry for the late update. Got some personal issues to attend to. It’s updated now. Thanks.


The remaining 5 players want to quit upon hearing the past contestants will be brought back, that one of those who were previously eliminated has a chance to return to the show.

This rule is existing even from the past seasons. So to settle the issue, Allison brought a lawyer and the players tell their position. The lawyer tells them that they were made aware of the fact that one of the eliminated players will be allowed to have another chance in the game before the whole competition begins. The players signed the contract with that clause included.


Those who quit are Mark and Buddy…


Those who stayed are Conda, Jeremy and Kim


To motivate the players, Allison shows them what they will win from the challenge tonight, a 2013 Ford Escape. This is for the player who will have the highest percentage of weight loss. However, the one who falls below the red line will be eliminated automatically.



Conda -10 lbs (4.88%)

Kim -15 lbs (9.26%)

Jeremy -10 lbs (4.02%)


Kim wins the 2013 Ford Escape!


45 thoughts on “Biggest Loser April 17, 2012 Results Who got voted off 4/17/12

  1. Well, I just watched the five remaining crybabies forget that they signed a damn CONTRACT. Good riddance to the two who left, and let’s hope that they DO NOT win anything. Get with it people, the contestants all signed contracts that specifically indicated that there will be twists and turns in the show, and allowing eliminated contestants to get a chance to be in the finals is not new. “Good grief,” said Charlie Brown.

  2. I do NOT like these 1 hour shows! Bring back the 2 hours shows we have grown acustomed too! I really HOPE Condo GOES! Rumors have it 2 people are disqualified from the show so I hope they bring back 2 to replace them (Emily and Cassandra would be great)!!! Just sayin, LOL…wishful thinking I know. We all know Jeremy isn’t happen and I am sure his sister in crime is behind everything. Should be interesting!

    • I agree…I really hate Conda…she is a snotty spoiled bitch…jeremy is stupid and just does what she wants to do…He gives stuff, wins in challenges, etc. to witchy poo…I wonder if it came down between witchy bitchy and jeremy if he would give up the title as Biggest loser?

  3. Bottom line is…people would have lost more weight if Conda had not been on the show. The producers probably like her creating more drama on the show, but I have liked Biggest Loser because of the positive atmosphere and comradery of the contestants. However, this season has made me sick to my stomach. Just a bunch of gossip and drama…and Conda is at the root of it all, and none of the other contestants seem to notice! If she leaves tonight, good riddance, she should have been kicked off a LONG time ago!

  4. I hope Conda gets gone she has been a very selfish and caused a lot of problems this season!!! She knows how to manipulate people!!!! She needs to go! To many have been voted off because of her bull crap!

  5. I have always enjoyed watching the show, but this season I cannot stand any of them. Conda has got to go, but I agree , the producers are liking the drama. I hope this is the last time we have such awful contestants on the show.

    • I agree, I did and still like Mark and Buddy they should have stayed, but now I want Kim to take it all. I was tired how they catered to Conda and her Brother all season. BORING!!!

  6. Well, we can all take comfort in the fact that half of Conda’s “power” was having her brother on the show – and now he’s gone. So maybe Conda will finally get hers.

    • I hope Conda gets hers and I want to see her smirk when Kim wins it all because Kim deserves to win. No one seems to care enough for Kim only Conda and her little Bro.

  7. I am happy that 3 of them dis stay, but it does make me sick that the others left… So many people try out just to het a spot, and then these contestants don’t even appreciate it!!

    • Mark and Buddy are great guys. They did what they thought was the best thing. In a way it does not seem fair that when it is near the end to have some one come back in the show to try to win, when they can just try to take the at home prize. After all think about it What Would You Do??

  8. I personally know one of the members who walked off of the show tonight. It is important that we no put too much stock in how real a “reality show” is. They take a week worth of filming and edit down to an hour segment. The second they set foot in the walls of the ranch, reality changed. There are writers, editors and producers that will sell product. They keep certain members on because the public loves to hate them. They develop upstanding, caring, loving human beings, that do not act for a living, into a character that seems bitter, hateful and deceitful. I am proud of two fathers that set an example for their children.

    • Hi Sarah I do not know which one you know but I always admire both Buddy and Mark, I wanted at least one of them to win because they were great family men, and now I am hoping that Kim wins. I have not lost any of my respect for either one of these gentlemen, and I do think other fans feel the same. They stood their ground.

  9. Not my favorite season and I scream every week when neither Conda nor Kim is voted off, but recently they’ve seemed nicer and I’m wondering if they were so nasty earlier on because they were feeling horrible about themselves and didn’t know what to do with all of their negativity and fear. Now with so much weight loss they appear more confident, stable, and happy, admitting that they have a new outlook on life. Should they be given the benefit of the doubt that they’ve truly changed? Proof will be in the pudding next week when they meet up face to face with Daphne and Adrian. Should be interesting.

  10. Sore losers! I have respect for all the players on the show… but come on… haven’t they seen previous seasons especially last season??? If I was on the show, I wouldve stayed… I wa surprised Conda even stayed… lol… but Mark and Buddy? That was a shocker… BL is a once in lifetime opportunity and they threw it away….. Kim and Conda and Jeremy did DESERVE to be in the final 3.

  11. The only one who really deserves to win is kim! She busted her ass if and Conda has not! She could of done much better! Instead Conda was just a very selfish girl from the start! It really is sad that she treated other contestant so badly! She is not a kind person she us a back stabbing bitch! I don’t care how badly you feel for yourself! We should treat other with respect! And she never did! Kim all the way!!! She is worthy!!!!

  12. All time favorite show. I hope Kim wins it all, she has a great attitude and will be there till the end. Conda really needs to go. Didnt like her from the start.

  13. I wonder if none had left, what the outcome would have been. There would have been 4 contestants instead of 2. So for next week, I guess who wins whatever challenge will be in the finale. But if there had been 4, how would they have determined who is in the finale, since technically now you would have 5. Just wondering.

  14. I wish Conda and Jeremy had quit, and Mark and Buddy had stayed. They have done nothing but cause trouble, especially Conda.

  15. Yeah, in a way Jeremy did get eliminated, but everyone is coming back. They all have a chance. Conda and Jeremy may have started things but it all comes down to the fact that they are changing their lives… for the better.

  16. I don’t understand how Buddy could think that contestants at home have it easier than those at the ranch. I recall on previous seasons that in order for contestants to come back to the ranch after being voted off that they would have to reach a certain weight-loss percentage.

    Personally speaking it is a lot harder to do that at home with all the distractions and stress of everyday life. I think the final five are too comfortable and selfish and with such bad attitudes they will likely gain their weight back once they’re back in the real world.

  17. I think it’s terrible that Mark and Buddy left the show. Who do they think they are? It gets me angry because the show always has twists like this. What I don’t get is that they both had loved ones who did get eliminated. This twist gives them a chance to get back into the game. Didn’t they care about that? Now both of them are out for good. I wonder if their partners will come back to compete. I hope NBC sues Mark and Buddy.

  18. All I have to say is what a disappointment this has been this year. I mean what is the beef with these people. I remember last year they brought back on the remaining contestants who were voted off and I heard no complaints, too much drama. Good riddance to Mark and Buddy, all they really wanted to do was go home to their wife and kids. If they are happy with themselves, so be it. I hope Kim wins, she deserves it and to me she is the hardest player and more dedicated.

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