Biggest Loser April 3, 2012 Results Who got voted off 4/3/12

The much anticipated makeover episode of the Biggest Loser airs tonight, April 3, 2012. They say it’s bigger than ever. What surprises awaits the remaining six players and what challenges will they have to perform? Will someone be eliminated on Biggest Loser week 14?

It sure is going to be an exciting makeover for the remaining players. But before that, they will compete in a challenge in which they have to shatter glass pane images of their former selves beginning from week one on the ranch. After that, the transformation begins. Fashion expert Jeannie Mai will help each player find fashionable new clothes which would flatter their slimmer selves. What will be the clothes the contestants are going to wear? They sure will have fun choosing their makeover outfits.

Jeannie Mai will also reveal to the contestants a very big surprise, a video of the First Lady Michelle Obama inviting the players to come to the White House. Who wouldn’t be thrilled meeting the First Lady? All of them are thrilled at the chance to go to the White House and meet her. She’s also a longtime advocate for health and fitness, by the way.

Before they go to the White House, they will go to celebrity stylist Ken Paves’ salon for their new looks. Then at the White House, they will be surprised seeing their family members making it another emotional and heartwarming reunion. The highlight of the episode will be meeting the First Lady. However, the episode tonight will only be an-hour long due The Voice.

Will their meeting be include in tonight’s episode? As always, updates will be here. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. No one might be eliminated on Biggest Loser 4/3/12 but results of what will happen at the challenges and other important details of the show tonight will be posted.

Update: No elimination since the episode will be continued next week!

The episode ends as the contestants are about to meet their families and the First Lady…



– The players were shocked to see how they looked 14 weeks ago. The challenge for them was to target a window with 2 panes with picture of themselves using a balls in a sling. The first person who finish wins and gets a one pound advantage. The player who finishes last gets a one pound disadvantage instead.

– Challenge winner – Buddy

– Conda finished last, getting the one pound disadvantage



– The First Lady congratulates the players and invites them to the White House.

– The players look good with their new look! Buddy looks like a president, Mark’s goatee is gone, Conda has a hair cut. Kim looks good too!

– All are ready to meet the First Lady, but the show was cut… to be continued next week.

13 thoughts on “Biggest Loser April 3, 2012 Results Who got voted off 4/3/12

    • hi lora! no elimination tonight since the episode is only an hour long. They are going to meet Michelle Obama next week!

  1. big whoop…still not worth watching…unless conda gets kicked off…then i’ll make popcorn first and REALLY watch

  2. I’m with Maddy….get CONDA off the show she’s does nothing but whine. The other contestants seem determined to win!

  3. Wow No one likes Conda, I kind of feel sorry for her but she does it to herself she thinks she’s exempt from being voted off because 1st her brother is on the other team and 2nd she was once on the other team and thinks she’s made friends enough with them that they wont vote her off. The one that I would really like to see win this thing is Kim, she’s hit my heart cord don’t know why but she has and if she’s eliminated then my would like to see Buddy win he is also special to me.

  4. Not interested in seeing Michelle Obama …. but I would love to see Conda get the cut. She is a mean girl that has held on due to her brother’s help. I really like Kim but she’s got attitude sometimes too.

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