Biggest Loser December 10, 2013 Results Who got voted off 12/10/13

The players will face a new set of challenges on tonight’s the Biggest Loser: Second Chances. It’s the ninth episode this season and there are still 11 players left. Still quite a number due to a couple of “save” used by the trainers, right?

Anyway, tonight, the players will be working in a Diner tonight. Not everyone though, but just the challenge losers. which is about a pop quiz about obesity in the workplace. The losing team will work all week at the place while still trying to be healthy. They will act as waitresses, cleaners, dish washers while doing some workouts in between. They also get to bring treats from the diner back at the ranch and tempt the other players who stayed.

One player can’t lose that much weight and so the trainer assigned works closely to find out what could be the reason.

Then, the much dreaded weigh-in happens at the last part of the show again. Will someone fall below the red line again?

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Update: Bobby gets eliminated.

QUIZ CHALLENGE – Losers will have to work in a diner for a week. There are 4 multiple choice questions.

WINNER – Red and Blue Teams


Hap works with Bob to lose more weight.



Hap – 321 lbs (-11, 3.31%)
Chelsea – 181 lbs (-4, 2.16%)
Matt – 268 lbs (-9, 3.25%)
Bobby – 269 lbs (-3, 1.10%)
BLUE TOTAL – 1039 lbs (-27, 2.53%)


David – 294 lbs (-5, 1.67%)
Tanya – 208 lbs (-4, 1.89%)
Jennifer – 200 lbs (-7, 3.38%)
Rachel – 171 lbs (-7, 3.93%)
RED TOTAL – 873 lbs (-23, 2.57%)


Jay – 201 lbs (-6, 2.90%)
Marie – 192 lbs (-6, 3.03%)
Tumi – 234 lbs (-9, 3.70%)
WHITE TOTAL – 627 lbs (-21, 3.24%)


* Bobby falls below the red line

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