Biggest Loser December 11, 2014 Results Who got voted off 12/11/14

The Biggest Loser Glory Day is back with an all new episode tonight! After 2 weeks hiatus, get to see your favorite players once again as they try to do the challenges and lose a couple of pounds. Who will be going home this week?

Tonight, the players will be competing on their own for the first time. They will be doing the obstacle course with the grand prize of immunity. Who will win this challenge?

Meanwhile players will be surprised as their trainers show them videos which feature words of encouragement from their loved ones.

Damien and Scott are competing at the comeback canyon. Find out if Damien will win again for the third time or if Scott will replace him.

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Update: Damien gets eliminated. JJ got voted off.


Scott – 259 lbs (-9, 3.36%)
Damien – 293 lbs (-2, 0.68%)

** Damien gets eliminated.



Lori – 240 lbs (-3, 1.23%, immune)
Woody – 306 lbs (-9, 2.86%)
JJ – 300 lbs (-6, 1.96%)
Sonya – 189 lbs (-8, 4.06%)
Jordan – 233 lbs (9, 3.72%)
Toma – 235 lbs (-11, 4.47%)
Rob – 350 lbs (-15, 4.11%)


JJ and Woody falls below the yellow line.


Toma – JJ

Jordan – JJ

Sonya – JJ

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