Biggest Loser December 13, 2011 Finale Results Winner, Who won 12/13/11?

It’s The Biggest Loser Battle of the Ages finale tonight, December 13, 2011. Who will be the winner of Biggest Loser season 12? The live finale airs at 9pm ET. The final three compete for the crown this season. Who among them do you think will it be? Do you have any predictions?

The final three players are Ramon Medeiros, Antone Davis and John Rhode. Among them, Ramon returned for the finale after finishing first in the marathon last week while John and Antone worked hard to be in their position now, performing different tasks and challenges.

What makes the live finale tonight more exciting is the return of the contestants from this season for a special reunion and a chance to weigh in one last time, to show America how much they’ve lost from the beginning of their weight-loss journeys. It’s not yet over for them as they still have the chance to compete for the $100,000 “at home” prize.

Train will also perform live and a sneak peek of the next season will be shown before the winner is announced.

Who do you think will win the “at home” prize? Who will win tonight? Our prediction is Antone. How about you?

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Update: John Rhode wins Biggest Loser!

2nd place – Antone

3rd place – Ramon


Competing for the “at home” prize are:




“at home” prize winner – Jennifer

10 thoughts on “Biggest Loser December 13, 2011 Finale Results Winner, Who won 12/13/11?

  1. I WANT Antone to win it. I think John is going to win it. The final is somewhat anti climactic though. When they ask the biggest loser on the ranch what order he wants them to go in, the winner goes last. The last person to weigh in will win it all

  2. i thick Antone to win, and the winner always goes last always. Love this show so much. this is my number one show and then home make over. ANTONE IS GOING TO WIN IT TODAY.

  3. I really want Ramon to win. Picked him from day 1. He was voted off the show but then won the marathon. That proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he truly belongs in the final. Good Luck Ramon!!! Staten Island loves you.

  4. I want Antoine or Ramon to get it. John is so focused on winning that he doesn’t get that he’s going to need to watch himself and his eating & exercise habits for the rest of his life. There’s been previous winners that regained their lost weight after the show…he’s looking like he might be the next…

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