Biggest Loser December 14 2010 Finale Results Winner, Who won 12/14/10?

Who won The Biggest Loser Season 10? Find out the next winner of Biggest Loser Pay It Forward as the finale will be a two-hour live episode at 9/8c. The tradition continues as viewers are going to see it live on NBC. Who among the finalists will win int Biggest Loser 12/14/10 results?

After all the challenges and pressures, the ones remaining are Ada Wong, Elizabeth Ruiz, Frado Dinten and Patrick House. Here are their weights at the beginning of the season and at the semi-finals.

Ada – from 258lbs to 167lbs

Elizabeth – from 244lbs to 177lbs

Frado – from 367lbs to 221lbs

Patrick – from 400lbs to 244lbs

Last week, they ran a marathon with Ada finishing first at 4:38.48, followed by Patrick at 5:45.52, then by Frado at 5:51.12, and lastly Elizabeth at 7:27.10.

Who do you think will win the finale? We would like Ada to win and we’re excited to find out the results soon. How about you guys?

Anyway, updates on the finale will be posted here. Know who won The Biggest Loser Season 10, December 14, 2010 results.

Updates: Patrick House wins Biggest Loser season 10!

Elizabeth was eliminated

2nd runner up – Ada Wong

1st runner up – Frado Dinten

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