Biggest Loser December 18, 2014 Results Who got voted off 12/18/14

The remaining players in The Biggest Loser Glory Days go to Hawaii for their next set of challenges. It will be a two part episode in which the second part airing on New Year. So, don’t ever miss this one tonight though for sure we’ll be left hanging on what’s going to happen next.

There are eight remaining players plus two in the Comeback Canyon.

One of these players and a trainer who both fear the open water will try snorkeling. Will they overcome their fear?

Meanwhile, expect the challenges to be more on the physical activities and that includes a kayak challenge. Winner of this challenge will have a private helicopter tour of Kauai.

Of course, even in Hawaii, they must avoid falling below the red line at the weigh-in. Even if they want to relax, the trainers will be putting them through an intense workout. At the weigh-in, one of the players might get home.

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Update: JJ gets eliminated. Jordan falls below the red line.

REWARD CHALLENGE – players ride a kayak, paddle out, get some puzzle pieces, go back and solve the puzzle.

WINNER – Jordan. He chooses Toma to go with him to ride a helicopter and tour the island.



JJ – 292 lbs (-8, 2.67%)
Scott – 251 lbs (-8, 3.09%)




Sonya – 183 lbs (-6, 3.17%)
Lori – 230 lbs (-10, 4.17%)
Toma – 225 lbs (-10, 4.26%)
Rob – 338 lbs (-12, 3.43%)
Jordan – 227 lbs (-6, 2.58%)
Woody – 294 lbs (-12, 3.92%)


Jordan falls below the red line.

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