Biggest Loser February 11, 2013 Results Who got voted off 2/11/13

It’s Valentine’s week and the Biggest Loser is going to celebrate it in its own style. How will it be celebrated by the players? Though a challenge featuring Valentine’s Day treats. That and more on tonight’s episode.

It’s halfway already through the season and there are eight remaining players – one from the white team, four from the blue team and three from the red team. However, for this week, the players go to singles. They will also face their first temptation in honor of Valentine’s Day. There will be lots of Valentine’s Day treats and the winner will get a weigh-in advantage and a friend, a valuable prize the players are aiming for. Who will win this challenge?

Meanwhile, the kids are motivated and encouraged to stay active and work toward their goals at home. Sunny goes to a Bollywood dance class. Lindsay attends a cheerleading practice and Bingo might be able to start practicing for the youth baseball league tryouts.

Also, for tonight’s episode, we’ll see one player displaying an amazing act of kindness. Who among these players has a kind heart?

Another challenge will lead to two players winning a heartwarming reunions with their loved ones. Which players will it be?

Then, season 11 winner Olivia Ward and husband will be sharing a healthy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

At the end of the show, one of the players will be leaving after the dreaded weigh-in and one contestant will be making the most difficult choice yet at the ranch. What choice could it be and what will this contestant decide?

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Update: Michael was voted off. His starting weight was 444 lbs and his current weight is 320 lbs.

The players go to singles.

Temptation challenge – eating sweets. The one who eats the most calories worth of sweets wins a 2 pound advantage during the weigh-in. The winner can also give the same advantage to another player.

Challenge winner – Francelina. She awards Alex the additional advantage for being second.


Second challenge – reward is a visit from the family member inside the ranch for 24 hours. The winner can choose another player to have a family member visit.

Challenge winner – Danni wins the challenge, gave her own prize to Mike. She gave second prize to Gina.



Francelina – 213 lbs (-4, -2, 2.76%)

Alex – 198 lbs (-6, -2, 3.92%)

Danni – 201 lbs (-6, 2.90%)

Joe – 279 lbs (-12, 4.12%)

Jeff – 312 lbs (-11, 3.41%)

Gina – 184 lbs (-9, 4.66%)

Jackson – 266 lbs (-13, 4.66%)

Michael – 353 lbs (-10, 2.75%)


Danni – Michael
Alex – Francelina
Gina – Michael
Jeff – Michael


Michael has been eliminated.

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  1. So Micheal is gone-I see Jeff as a little weasel hope you goes next.
    Alex needs to go right along with Gina to me they are really to go home.
    So glad Danni stayed she gave away her prizes for others to enjoy hope she keeps prizes in the future cause she deserves them.

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