Biggest Loser February 14, 2012 Results Who got voted off 2/14/12

It’s Valentine’s Day episode in tonight’s Biggest Loser – February 14, 2012. That means, the contestants have love letters from their loved ones. But even if it’s Valentine’s no one is safe from elimination. One of the players will be sent home at the end of the episode. Who do you think will be the next who gets eliminated in Biggest Loser tonight?

If the players think it will be easy for them to get their love letters, then they are mistaken since they have to dig their way under an obstacle course of logs first with a 200lb dummy along for the ride, representing the contestant who was kicked off. The prize are letters from their loved ones featuring US Postal Service’s new Heart Health stamp.

Meanwhile, another highlight for tonight is a surprise which awaits the contestants. One player from each team will be going home with their trainer and that player’s weight will be the only one that will be counted at the weigh-in. If you were the contestant, would you want to be that player or prefer to stay in the ranch and play it safe? However, even if the trainers are away, the remaining contestants in the ranch must do their best to burn calories.

Rachel Beller, a nutritionist will be the guest for tonight.  She will help one contestant prepare a special meal for his/her loved one.

Which among the players will be going home with the trainers? Which team will win the challenge?

By the way, viewers have the chance to win Biggest Loser prizes in a sweepstakes in relation to the new Heart Health stamp, which is the centerpiece of a national “Watch it. Write it. Win it.” Viewers are invited to write and send letters of encouragement to their favorite contestants of the current season “No Excuses”. Prizes include an all expense paid trip for two to the Biggest Loser Resort, four weeks of Biggest Loser prepared meals and tickets for two with airfare to the show’s finale.

Which contestant are you going to write to? Who will go home tonight? There are six remaining players from each team but after tonight, one from either red or black team will be leaving. Will it be Conda?

Anyway, please follow us on Twitter for updates on the episode. You can also Plus one this post Google Plus or like this post on Facebook. Thank you if you did! Updates on the player who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 2/14/12 results will be posted here.

Update: Roy was eliminated. He got a total of 4 votes. His starting weight was 306lbs. He now weighs 230lbs.

Dolvett chooses Conda; Bob chooses Daphne.

Challenge winner – Red team. They also received a 1lb advantage.

Daphne lost a total of 12lbs. Her current weight is 224lbs. She wins the challenge.

Conda lost a total of 10lbs. Her current weight is 245lbs.

One from the red team has to go…

Voting History:

Kim – Roy

Kimmy – Roy

Mark – Roy

Conda – Roy

Roy – Kimmy

23 thoughts on “Biggest Loser February 14, 2012 Results Who got voted off 2/14/12

  1. If this season keeps going the way it has been I will not watch this show any more. These people forgot why they are on this show in the first place “to lose weight” All the high school crap needs to stop!! Biggest Loser turned into another “Jerry Springer” show! Not happy with the show this season AT ALL!! 🙁

    • I agree with you 100 percent. I have stopped watching it manly because of Conda. She is a bad attitude. Don’t like the way she acts like a teenager in high school. This is a show that is suppose to save their lives and all she can do is find someone to pick on.

    • I agree! There are no people to root for this season.
      I feel very little compassion towards any of them. I was liking Mark at the beginning but he’s turned into an ass.

  2. I can’t believe how long Conda has lasted despite her terrible attitude. I really cant stand the red team anymore after the dispute with Adrian. The only one I liked was Roy but now he’s gone too…However the black team is another story; gotta love Bob and I love all the members of the black team.

  3. Conda is going to be the 1st person I have ever DISLIKED on Biggest Looser. She soooooo needs to go and I cant believe the lil trouble maker is still on there.GRR

  4. I can’t believe Roy got voted off…….I can’t stand Conda wish she was gone,she has a major attitude problem and I don’t think she really cares…….ugh!!!!

  5. Kick Conda off the show. She is so negative and such a rag. She makes the show no fun to watch anymore. This is suppose to be a show on how to lose weight, not a fricken soap opera or Jerry Springer show. Get rid of the bitch! If this keeps up you will be losing a faithful viewer.

  6. My friends and I are going to stop watching the show because we thought it was a great inspiration for losing weight and watching the competitive challenges. We do not watch shows like Jerry Springer or similar shows which shows guests at their worst. nothing can be gained by watching anymore. You lost some faithful and hopeful viewers.

  7. I have to agree with everyone’s opinion of Conda and how she behaves. I think the feuding is way out of control. However, I think it is the shows fault for egging it on as much as the contestants. They should all be more concerned with losing the weight than all the games they are playing. It has definitley taken away from the show.

  8. I have tried to be patient with Conda’s attitude, because she is young and immature….however, I’ve run out of patients with her……it may make for good ratings with the network, but enough is enough! She needs to look in the mirror to see if she likes the person who is looking back at her….what is she teaching her daughter, To treat people like shit?

  9. Very disappointed in the attitudes this year. Surprised that Mark has coped such an attitude. And, CONDA is the worst!!! She is not a nice person! Dolvette is trying his best, but the red team needs an attitude change!

  10. you people need to get rid of conda kim kimmy and mark also you need to bring tara costa back as a trainer after all she was done wrong and the red team got rid of roy who was putting up some good numbers

  11. Dolvett made no effort to put Conda in her place….who’s in charge? He is just as much to blame with his tunnel vision.Conda should count her lucky stars that Adrian was respectful..he could have been a “WTF” brotha!!

  12. I really thought I was the only one who was disgusted with this season. This is my first chance to check blogs and see that lots of people agree. I watched this show while on the treadmill for inspiration. Now it brings me down, so I don’t watch anymore. Anyone note the difficulty of these mean, childish contestants with putting up the big numbers of seasons past? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. NBC needs to take note.

  13. I thought I was the only one. This season is filled with immature people, especially Conda. I hope there are some changes because this seasons sucks.. There is no one to cheer for this season.

  14. Yes! I completely agree…. Immature! In Daph defense, the Red team was VERY unwelcoming to Adrian… Everybody is there to lose weight not pick and belittle each other… So they eliminated him they didn’t know his story or his tribulations they used him as an escape goat to stick together.. like he said eliminating Nancy WAS playing the game… Bob need to check EVERYBODY cause sorry Dolvett don’t know how… When Adrian came to him with his concerns he should’ve nip it in the bud but he said get in where you fit in and look what’s happened

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