Biggest Loser February 18, 2013 Results Who got voted off 2/18/13

The challenge continues tonight in the next episode of the Biggest Loser: Challenge America. Only seven players remain and if last week, they go to singles, for tonight, they will work as a team. There will only be one team though and the players must work together to earn immunity for everyone. How will this challenge go?

The contestants can win immunity for everyone if they lose a collective 70 lbs. That could be 10 pound each player at least. However, the total amount of weight they need to get can be reduced to as many as 10 pounds, with the kids’ help. Yes, Bingo, Lindsay and Sunny return to help the remaining players. These kids will face a pop challenge testing their brains and brawn in order for the adults to remove at most a total of 10 pounds from their target weight. Will they be able to help the adults? How many total weight will the players must lose after this challenge?

It would be an easy task for the adults and expect some tensions as two contestants clash. One will refuse to work out in the same gym as the other one. Who among these contestants will clash?

Meanwhile, another challenge that will earn a weigh-in advantage is in store. The players must work together in order to succeed racing against the clock.

It’s all about team building tonight. But will the players be successful? Will someone go home tonight? I think it could be a non-elimination episode.

Anyway, Subway’s Jarend stops briging some exciting news for this season’s winner. What could be this news?

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Update: Francelina has been eliminated. Her starting weight was 267 lbs. Her current weight is 190 lbs.

Immunity challenge – the team must lose 70 pounds in all. Else, there will be red line.

Pop challenge – the kids will be tested, answering 5 basic nutrition questions and do 5 exercises. They got 4 questions correct and their are more fit, as expected, than before. They were able to decrease the goal weight to 61 pounds.

Next challenge – another opportunity to decrease the goal weight. The players dig through sand hills and cross the finish line at the of the pier within half an hour only. After the challenge, their target weight to lose is 51 pounds.

Subway commercial – this season’s winner will star with Jared.



Danni – 194 lbs (-7, 3.48%)
Joe – 273 lbs (-6, 2.15%)
Jackson – 261 lbs (-5, 1.88%)
Alex – 195 lbs (-3, 1.52%)
Jeff – 308 lbs (-4, 1.28%)
Gina – 180 lbs (-4, 2.17%)
Francelina – 211 lbs (-2, 0.94%)



Francelina, falling below the red line, gets eliminated.

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