Biggest Loser February 22, 2011 Results Who got voted off 2/22/11

Biggest Loser February 22, 2011 is the Couples 4 week 8 episode. Expect a weigh-in filled surprises tonight where two contestants will be kicked off. Who are they? Who gets voted out of Biggest Loser 2/22/11 results?

The challenge for tonight will be a ball challenge which will turn out to be much harder than it looks. The winning team gets a big advantage during the weigh-in, where the one who will fall in a red line and a yellow line will be sent home.

Meanwhile, the contestants will be taught by Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper to push beyond the limits they’ve set for themselves and Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel will be taking their team for an intense workout at a mixed martial arts gym owned by former UFC heavyweight champion Bas Rutten who is Rulon Garder’s former trainer.

Which two contestants will be leaving the ranch tonight? Find out who will they be. The ones who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 2/22/11 results will be here, as always.

Updates: Deni was eliminated, falling below the red line. Jesse was voted out.

Red Team

Austin – lost 7 pounds, now weighs 299lb

Ken – lost 5 pounds, now weighs 291lb

Justin – lost 7 pounds, now weighs 270lb

Rulon – lost 4 pounds, now weighs 367lb

Haley – lost 7 pounds

Moses – lost 11 pounds, now weighs 311lb

Jen – gains 2 pounds, now weighs 213lb

Black Team

Arthur – lost 9 pounds, now 406lb

Olivia – lost 4 pounds, now 202lb

Sarah – lost 4 pounds, now 204lb

Irene – lost 3 pounds, now 195lb

Hannah, lost 1 pound, now 193lb

Courtney -, lost 2 pounds, now 256lb

Marci – gained 1 pound, now 182lb

Jesse – gained 3 pounds, now 241lb

Deni – gained 8 pounds, now 204lb

3 thoughts on “Biggest Loser February 22, 2011 Results Who got voted off 2/22/11

  1. I really don’t care for the new trainers. I do not have an appreciation for their style of training. I love the biggest loser and truely enjoy Bob and Jillian, their style, approach and demeanor. I understand that Jillian is moving on after this season and wish her every success. Please don’t keep these new trainers… I am so tired of kickboxing and mixed martial arts… Yes it can be a workout… But I would sincerely hope that it is not Biggest Loser material. Quite honestly I find the new trainers distasteful and offensive. Please try to find a suitable replacement for Jillian and keep Bob if he is willing to stay… Thank you.

  2. I sure hope they don’t have a parent child episode again. Parents trying to skew the weigh in by gaining weight, what was the challenge? Such a predictable outcome.

  3. I completely agree with Ruby! I love this show but I don’t think I will be watching anymore. I am sad that Jillian is leaving and I really don’t care for the other trainers either. I hope Bob stays, I may still be able to watch if he is there.

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