Biggest Loser February 25, 2013 Results Who got voted off 2/25/13

Two contestants will be going home tonight during the show. However, it’s only for a week to do a challenge. Who among these six remaining players will be going home? Plus, of course, expect one to leave again at the end of the episode, leaving the final five contestants for next week.

Titled “Face Your Fears”, the fear of leaving the ranch will be the first one to be addressed tonight. A “save your neighbor” challenge will determine who among the players will leave the ranch to go out on their own only for a week. The winner will choose another player of his/her choice. How will these two fare?

It’s not only that though. Each of the players will be forced to face their fear with the help of Bob, Jillian and Dolvett. These fears include fear of sharks, claustrophobia and fear of singing in public. Plus, all of them will face their fear in a harrowing challenge taking place off the top of a seven-story building. The reward is the most coveted prize though. Who will win this challenge?

Meanwhile, the kids will be facing their own fears. Sunny fears of losing her mom. Bingo fears eating vegetables and Lindsay fears developing diabetes.

At the weigh-in, it will be revealed how the two players who left the ranch for a week fare. We’ll also know who will be leaving tonight. Is it one of these two players?

Updates will be posted. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. Find out who the final five are and find out who gets voted off Biggest Loser 2/25/13. Results will be here, as always.

Update: Alex has been voted off. Her starting weight was lbs and her current weight is 170 lbs.

FIRST CHALLENGE – use 25 lbs blocks to protect their friends. The person who wasn’t protected will leave the ranch for a week. The winner gets a one pound advantage.

Jackson lost the challenge.

Joe wins the challenge.


Jackson has to choose another player to go with him. Jeff volunteered.


SECOND CHALLENGE – falling off the side of a building. Players will hold 40% of their body weight for as long as they can. Reward is IMMUNITY.

Gina wins immunity.



Gina – 173 lbs (-7, 3.89%, immune)
Jackson – 250 lbs (-11, 4.21%)
Jeff – 295 lbs(-13, 4.22%)
Joe – 261 lbs(-12, -1, 4.76%) – 100 pounds lost
Alex – 187 lbs(-8, 4.10%)
Danni – 184 lbs(-10, 5.15%)



– Alex

– Jackson


Joe – Alex
Danni – Alex


Alex gets eliminated.

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  1. Oh My Goddness they all lost big numbers and Alex lost 8 pounds thats a pretty big number for her. And Jackson and Jeff lost real big numbers this week even though they were off the ranch.

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