Biggest Loser February 28, 2012 Results Who got voted off 2/28/12

There’s going to be a Biggest Loser family reunion tonight, February 28, 2012. The players will return home for emotional reunions with their loved ones. But as they return to the ranch after 18 days, there will be workouts with their trainers before they undergo the weigh-in process. Who will fall below the yellow line and be eliminated in Biggest Loser week 9? Will there be some shocking results?

There are 11 remaining players this week and for their challenge, they will go back to their loved ones as they go home for 18 days. They will be given the chance to gain immunity by losing 5% of their body weight. Not only that, they can also compete individually in a home rowing challenge where the winner will get $10,000. The winner will be determined during the weigh-in where one player will lose enough to gain immunity and the cash prize.

When they return to the ranch, they must do some last chance workouts with Bob and Dolvett. Some players will struggle when they go back to their home while some players were able to stay on track, with the help of their family and friends.

Meanwhile, there will be an emotional elimination tonight. It could be the most emotional this season as one player might not be sent home because of the votes, but because of a health problem. If you’ve seen the preview, it could be Chris. Do you think it’s her? Who will be leaving tonight?

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on the episode 9 tonight. We’ll give updates on what happened, who gained immunity, who gets voted, who was sent to the hospital. Find out who among the players was eliminated on Biggest Loser 2/28/12. Results will be here, as always.

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Update: Chism was eliminated. He’s automatically eliminated since he’s the only player who has no immunity in his team. Black team lost by 1 pound against the red team.

Players who will lose 5% of their body weight will be immune this week. If all of them lost 5%, there will be no elimination.

Rowing challenge winner – Chism first, Mark second, Kim third.

Their challenge is to row 10,000 meters. Reward is $1 per meter. Rowing machines are delivered to each of their homes so they can begin right now. Chism is the first to hit 3000 meters, and Kim is behind him. Jeremy mostly just wants to beat his sister sitting next to him. Mark started off slower than the others but manages to overtake Kim. At the 7300 mark, he starts to look to take the lead from his son. They’re neck and neck heading into the final 1000. What happens after that, we’ll have to wait to find out.

With the challenge over, so begins the lengthy discussion of how everything is a temptation.

When they return to the ranch, before they weigh in, they get the results of the competition. Places 4-11 are Emily, Jeremy, Megan, Conda, Kimmy, Cassandra, Buddy, and Chris. Chism beats his dad by 7 seconds, and Kim places third.


Weigh-In Results

RED TEAM – lost 71lbs, 5.80%

Buddy -23 lbs, 7.26% – immune

Jeremy -20 lbs, 6.47%- immune

Kimmy -10 lbs, 5.59% – immune

Mark -11 lbs, 4.87%

Kim -7 lbs, 3.63%


BLACK TEAM – lost 78 lbs, 5.76%

Conda -14 lbs, 5.71% – immune

Emily -17 lbs, 7.87% – immune

Megan -12 lbs, 5.53% – immune

Chris -11 lbs, 5.61% – immune

Cassandra -13 lbs, 6.91% – immune

Chism: 282 pounds -11, 3.75%

15 thoughts on “Biggest Loser February 28, 2012 Results Who got voted off 2/28/12

  1. Nate, you are wrong, they are all worth it. Emily is an amazing person, so is Cassandra& most of them. But I agree, Conda isn’t my favorite. I didn’t like how she was the one that came up with not losing much weight to send that one girl home. It’s not a game, its a life style change, and they all felt horrible because they realized that.

  2. loveheals – Sorry but you’re the one who’s wrong. Even Bob says this is the worst group the show has ever had, nothing but a bunch of bullies. I don’t subscribe to the idea of losing so much so fast but I root for the people who are realy trying. This is the only group that had the balls to think they could just threaten the show over possible returning contestants. People who are more about the money than the weigth loss aren’t worth it because they aren’t getting it and whatever happens on the ranch is going to fall apart when they go home because they don’t get it. Losing weight at home now is no measure of how they’ll do when there isn’t an end to the journey with a pile of money waiting to be claimed. As for feeling horrible I don’t think we were watching the same show because I sure didn’t see anybody feeling horrible. All I saw was a bunch of people who had their bluff called, their asses handed to them, and their whining muzzled. That is, all of them except the 2 who got kicked off permanently. In 13 seaons there has never been a group this bad.

  3. Conda is a vicious self centered drama queen who is the biggest trouble maker. bring chism back and turn her light out!

  4. Crazy show. I stopped watching it because they voted off Daphne and Adrian. After the lackluster welcome back because they lost the required amount and at home and showed that they were excited to be back on the ranch. Some of these people are just horrible. I refuse to watch it anymore, up until the season finale, I have better things to do with my Tuesday nights. I only Google to see who got voted off for the week. Too bad it was Chism. I actually didn’t dislike his character. BL has given in to the drama and blatant discrimination (racism) one too many times for me this season. I can only hope that they get their crap together for the next season. OVERALL, the WORST SEASON EVER!! THE WORST CONTESTANTS EVER!

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