Biggest Loser February 4, 2013 Results Who got voted off 2/4/13

The challenge continues tonight in the Biggest Loser: Challenge America. It’s the sixth week of the weight loss reality show this season and there are nine remaining players left, the three kids are not included, of course. Who will be the next to leave the show? It’s it Danni or one from the blue of red team?

Lisa from the red team was eliminated last week, after getting a total of three votes from her teammates. Will the one to leave be from the red team again?

For tonight, the theme is “Leading by example”. The three trainers – Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels and Dolvett Quince together with Bingo, Sunny and Lindsay will be motivate each other to do just that. Sunny will create a circuit training routine for her fellow classmates. Bingo will be recruiting more friends to his after-school sports club and Lindsay will give an anti-bullying speech to her friends, where she will be joined by special guest Cody Simpson, an Australian pop singer who will talk about his experience. World champion figher Laila Ali will also be the guest for tonight who will visit Dolvett’s team. He will put them through a fun and challenging boxing workout.

For the challenge, the adult players will be competing in a crazy challenge which will require them to avoid three swinging pendulums while walking on a balance beam. They will then retrieve calorie-coded plates matching five specific dishes.

Then during the weigh-in, only one player’s weight from each team will be counted this week. They won’t know it until the weigh-in though.

Who will represent the blue and red team? What will Danni weigh?

Again, updates will be posted here. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. Who will get the least number of weight lost? Who gets voted off Biggest Loser 2/4/13? Results will be here.

Update: David gets eliminated, getting three votes. His starting weight was 307 lbs and he now weighs 220 lbs.

One from each team will face the weigh-in, which will be decided by a roll of the dice. The challenge participants will also be determined by the dice.

CHALLENGE – balance beam and calorie counting. The participants must dodge objects crossing a beam and grab plates matching the food with specified calories. Reward is letters from home.

Participants – Red team – Jackson, Blue team – Gina, White team – Danni

Challange winner – Danni




Jackson – 279 lbs (-1, 0.36%)
Francelin – 217 lbs (-7, 3.13%)
Jo – 291 lbs (-8, 2.68%)
TOTAL – 787 lbs (-16, 1.99%)

Danni – 207 lbs (-6, 2.82%)


Gina – 193 lbs (-4, 2.03%)
Alex – 204 lbs (-3, 1.45%)
Michael – 363 lbs (-8, 2.16%)
David – 250 lbs (-3, 1.19%)
Jeff – 323 lbs (-6, 1.82%)
TOTAL: 1333 lbs (-24, 1.77%)


Blue team lost the weigh in

Voting History
Jeff – David
David – Jeff
Gina – David
Michae – David


David has been voted off!

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