Biggest Loser February 4, 2014 Finale Results Winner, Who won 2/4/14?

After months of challenges, from 15 players, we’re now down to the final three! Tonight, one of these final three contestants will be the winner of Biggest Loser: Second Chances. Who do you think will win?

The final three players are David, Bobby and Rachel. One of them will be this season’s winner as it is revealed at the end of the show. But before that, get to see Ruben Studdard return to the show to perform his new single “Meant to Be”, with David Foster on the piano.

Also, previous season’s kid ambassadors Bingo, Lindsay and Sunny will appear tonight to share how they are doing today.

Former players also return to show off their amazing transformations, and one of them will win the “at home” prize of $100,000, while the Biggest Loser winner gets $250,000.

Who will be the winners this season?

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At Home Weigh-In Results

Jennifer: 162 lbs (-104, 39.10%)
Fernanda: 163 lbs (-84, 34.80%)
Hap: 322 lbs (-81, 20.10%)
Matt: 223 lbs (-133, 37.36%)
Chelsea: 146 lbs (-95, 39.42%)
Holley: 255 lbs (-96, 27.35%)
Tanya: 175 lbs (-87, 33.21%)
Craig: 223 lbs (-162, 42.08%)
Marie: 138 lbs (-111, 44.58%)
Ruben: 343 lbs (-119, 25.76%)
Tumi: 144 lbs (-175, 54.86%)
Jay: 183 lbs (-114, 38.38%)

Biggest Loser “At Home” Winner – Tumi Oguntala



Bobby: 170 lbs (-188, 52.51%)
Rachel: 105 lbs (-155, 59.62%)
David: 187 lbs (-222, 54.28%)

Biggest Loser 2014 Winner – Rachel Frederickson

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  1. I’m sorry but I thought Rachael looked anorexic and the only reason she lost as much as she did is just to win the money. She does not look healthy at all, where everyone else does look healthy with as much or more weight loss as her.

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