Biggest Loser February 7, 2012 Results Who got voted off 2/7/12

Adrian and Daphne are now back in the ranch and since they return, more drama is expected in the house. But are they the ones involved? Will one of them be going home tonight? Find out which contestant gets eliminated in Biggest Loser February 7, 2012 after an intense weigh-in.

The spotlight tonight is on Conda. Where the drama goes, she follows. You can hear Conda says “talk less and listen more” referring to Adrian. There must be some conflict in which Isaac finds the situation awkward and the other players will find Conda crazy.

Anyway, the challenge for tonight is like a wild dunk tank which will leave one team without a trainer. This challenge will address the excuse of the players saying they can’t lose weight on their own. Thus, the trainers of each team Bob and Dolvett will be suspended over water in a wild dunk tank-like challenge. The teams must use their strength to keep a weight from landing their trainer in the pool.

The team who will lose will be trainer-less for the whole week until the last chance workout. One contestant from the losing team must step up to lead the group while they have no trainer. But will the trainer be totally clueless on what is happening with his team or he is watching secretly?

Expect a tense weigh-in and a heated discussion which could involve Conda and Adrian. Will Conda be kicked off tonight? Will she be one of those in the yellow line?

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Update: Adrian was eliminated getting 4 votes. Red team lost the challenge so they are without Dolvett the entire week. Kim acted as their leader instead.

Voting History:

Kim – Adrian

Buddy – Adrian

Roy – Mark

Mark – Adrian

Adrian – Mark

Conda – Adrian


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