Biggest Loser February 8, 2011 Results Who got voted off 2/8/11

Biggest Loser February 8, 2011 is the Valentine’s episode of the reality show. There will be new teams tonight and we’ll find out who belongs to which team. At the end during the weigh-ins, one of the bottom two will be kicked off. Who will get voted out of Biggest Loser 2/8/11 results?

The will only be two teams and that will be Black vs Red. Meanwhile, a Valentine’s Day temptation puts one player in the hot seat. Also, the temptation challenge winner gets to swap two members from the team for two members from the other team. Which player goes into the hot seat and which members get swapped out?

It’s an interesting episode tonight as what could be the reason two members get to be transferred to another team. Find out as well who gets to leave this week. Who¬†was eliminated on Biggest Loser 2/8/11 results? It will be posted here.

Updates: Jaquin “Q” Allen was voted off.

Jen was immune from being voted off

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