Biggest Loser January 10, 2012 Results Who got voted off 1/10/12

The challenge and battle to lose weight continues tonight in The Biggest Loser January 10, 2012 episode. It’s only the second week but the stakes are higher this week as the contestants make a gamble. What are the tasks and which players will fall below the yellow line tonight? Who gets eliminated among the players tonight?

Both red and black teams will have two representative each in a poker showdown. They must to bid on what they think is the percentage of their weight their team will lose at the weigh-in. The team who bids higher will get a five-pound advantage if their team hit their number at the weigh-in. However, if they don’t hit their mark, the other team gets the five-pound advantage. Some of the members of each team and their trainers are shocked after finding out the number they must hit to win. Which team do you think will win? Will it be Bob’s team, or Dolvett’s team?

Meanwhile, the players will be taught how to shop for healthy foods and the teams faced-off in another challenge. They must turn an anchor wheel, get puzzle pieces and race against time to put the puzzle together. Which team will win this one?

Also, in this episode, they will find out what their real “inner ages” are. Who is older than their age? What will be their reaction? Another player will go home tonight. Have any predictions on which contestant will it be? From which team he/she is?

As always, updates will be provided here. So follow us on Twitter to get updated. The players in the bottom two and the player who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 1/10/12 results will be here.

Update: Mike Mesina was eliminated; His starting weight is 358 lbs. At the end of the episode tonight, he weighs 338 lbs, losing 7 pounds from last week.

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  1. The wrong person went home. Kim and Kimmy are responsible. One of them should have gone. Who do you think is quitting next week?

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