Biggest Loser January 11 2011 Results Who got voted off 1/11/11

Biggest Loser January 11, 2011 results will have the remaining contestants face challenges on this second episode of Couples 4 airing tonight. Looks like one from Bob and Jillian’s teams will be sent home later on. Who among the contestants gets voted out of Biggest Loser 1/11/11 results?

Last week, the teams who chose the mystery trainers are yellow, pink, gray, red and brown. The other teams chose Bob and Jillian not knowing that those who chose the original trainers will be having a normal weekly elimination. Tonight, the challenge continues as the contestants try to lose weight with their trainers.

The mystery trainers will find out that their teams are doing better based from the weigh-in results from Bob and Jillian’s teams. Looks like they are better than the original trainers.

Will the contestants still be happy that they chose Bob and Jillian since one of them will be sent home after falling bellow the yellow line? Who will be in the bottom two?

The one who will be leaving after being in the bottom two will be posted here. Find who was eliminated on Biggest Loser 1/11/11 results here.

Update: No elimination this week!

The team from the ranch won immunity and shared the $10,000 prize

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