Biggest Loser January 14, 2013 Results Who got voted off 1/14/13

The challenge continues in the Biggest Loser: Challenge America episode 3. With Nathan out, there are two remaining contestants in the White team. If they lose again the challenge tonight, Jillian will be left with only one. Will that be the case tonight?

Titled “Cut the Junk”, this week’s theme is cutting the junk. There’s going to be a trivia challenge which will test the contestant’s knowledge on childhood obesity. The team to lose the challenge will spend four and half hours each day in a room surrounded by junk food, soda and video games. Four and half hours. That’s the amount of the an average kid spends watching TV with all these junk. Which team will be doing this?

Meanwhile, one of the show’s craziest challenges will happen tonight. The contestants will be racing through a gooey bubble gum pit while carrying 10 pound balls just to win an amazing prize everyone wants. What could it be?

For the kids, childhood obesity expert and pediatrician Dr. Joanna Dolgoff will be visiting the kid contestants’ homes to help them and their families cut the junk food and get used to eating healthy.

At the end of the show, the much dreaded weigh-in is about to happen again, in which players from the losing team will enter the show’s new voting booth to decide which contestant to send home.

Who will be the nominated to go home? Who is in danger of being eliminated?

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Update: Cate has been voted off, getting a total of 3 votes. Her starting weight is pounds and she’s now down to 196 lbs today.

TRIVIA CHALLENGE – losing team will be locked in the room for 4.5 hours a day all week, which is the amount of time kids spend watching TV.

Losing team – blue team


TEAM CHALLENGE – contestants must crawl with 10 pound gumballs passing through a bubble gum pit. The reward for the winning team is a year’s worth of groceries.

Winning team – red team




Jeff – 348 lbs (-11, 3.06%)
Alex – 221 lbs (-4, 1.78%)
David – 272 lbs (-6, 2.16%)
Michael – 396 lbs (-13, 3.18%)
Gina – 215 lbs (-8. 3.59%)
TOTAL – 1452 pounds (-42, 2.81%)



Francelina – 237 lbs (-5, 2.07%)
Joe – 317 lbs (-9, 2.76%)
Jackson – 300 lbs (-2, 0.66%)
Cate: 223 lbs (-2, 0.89%)
Lisa – 223 lbs (-2, 0.89%)
TOTAL – 1300 lbs (-20, 1.52%)



Danni – 228 lbs (-6, 2.56%)
Pam – 210 lbs (-9, 4.11%)
TOTAL – 438 lbs (-15, 3.31%)



Cate – Jackson
Jackson – Lisa
Francelina – Cate
Joe – Cate
Lisa – Cate

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