Biggest Loser January 14, 2014 Results Who got voted off 1/14/14

The Biggest Loser airs an all new episode tonight! I totally forgot about last week’s episode since I was on vacation that time, lol! I thought there were no new shows last week. But oh well, moving on, who’s going to be the next player who will be sent home?

There are seven remaining players left – Chelsea, David, Jay, Jennifer, Marie, Rachel, Tanya and Bobby.

Bobby was eliminated from week 9 but he returned last week. Will he stay longer this time?

It’s Olympic-themed episode tonight and the special guests include Olympians Apolo Ohno and Lolo Jones. The remaining players will be training like champions at Utah Olympic Park. It’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime but who won’t last long?

USA Bobsled Team Member Jasmine Fenlator

The challenge for tonight includes curling with the players being introduced to USA Curling Team members Jessica Schultz, Debbie McCormick and Anne Swisshelm. Who will win the challenge?

Another challenge is for the players to run more than a mile up the bobsled track, with an elevation of over 7,000 feet.

At the weigh in, two contestants will be falling below the yellow line. Who will the players vote to go home?

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Update: Jay got voted off!

WEIGH-IN took place at the Nordic Ski Jump.

Rachel – 155 lbs (-6, -1, 4.35%)
Jennifer – 189 lbs (no change)
David – 266 lbs (-4, 1.48%)
Marie – 178 lbs (-5, 2.73%)
Chelsea – 168 lbs (-3, 1.75%)
Tanya – 196 lbs (-2, 1.01%)
Jay – 193 lbs (+1, 0.52%)
Bobby – 256 lbs (+2, 0.79%)


Bobby and Jay have fallen below the yellow line.


Tanya – Jay
Jennifer – Jay
Rachel – Jay
Marie – Bobby
David – Jay

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